Hafling wizard


Short of stature and usually covering most of his face, Lyle is a total of 2’ 10’’ tall and weighs the incredible amount of 37 lbs. Sporting a thin brown goatee which matches his eyes and hair, Lyle has a relatively light skintone.



Lyle is a Halfling Wizard, previously held captive in the Ilguard Gladiatorial Arena accused of being intimate with a minor. Lyle maintains that he is innocent and that the minor “said she was of legal age”.

Part of the Fire Worms, Lyle acts as an supportive caster, using Sleep and Fog Cloud spells to control the battlefield in favour of his teammates, and at times against them.

Amongst his achievements, Lyle has defeated a half-ogre in single combat, and blown up the lake seperating the gladitorial arena, although the latter could be argued an accident (and possibly the work of otherworldy beings).

Birth and early childhood:

Lyle is the only son of the wizard Hugo Spellweaving and his wife Katrina Greenwood
Katrina (Lyle’s mother) died giving birth, leaving Hugo devastated and distraught. Swearing his wife should not have died in vain, Hugo took it upon himself to raise the mightiest wizard the world had ever seen.
This is what tragically losing your wife does to the mind, apparently.

While growing up Lyle was hounded by his father, who taught Lyle medicine, religion, and the arcane arts. However, when Lyle did not show a particular talent for the arcane, he was forced to stay inside the house and study. When Lyle still didn’t show promising results, Hugo shamed Lyle into believing that he was the cause of his mother’s death. This, along with the complete social isolation, lead Lyle to become increasingly more inept at social contact.

Adult life:

Hugo demanded that Lyle would move away from the city when he reached adulthood in an attempt to guide his dedication towards further study of magic. Making sure that a small hut was built, Hugo presented Lyle his new home on his 20th birthday.

During his adult life, Lyle kept studying and experimenting with the arcane, making some progress, and even advancing towards novice wizard capabilities. Although his father was finally pleased that some results showed themselves, Lyle’s introversion became a subject of suspicion in the city, who grew wary of the mage living in the woods.

Encounter with Bree:

When Lyle reached his 35th year, he was visited by a halfling woman named Bree who found herself attracted to the misfit. Attempts to reach Lyle usually resulted in him turning tail and hiding in his house, but with some dedication and cunning, Bree managed to invoke curiosity in the outcast. Eventually, the two became romantically involved.

Yet as time drew on, the two saw less and less of eachother, before all contact was finally severed and Bree never returned. Lyle, confused and upset with the outcome, distracted himself with study, trying to get over the only person who had ever been his friend.

Meanwhile, Bree became known for her interaction with Lyle which she discarded as “harmless fun and games”. Using it as a way to gain attention from those around her, Lyle was suspected of seducing the woman with black magic. While Bree did deny the accusations wherever she met them, it only fueled the assumption that Lyle had made Bree forget the atrocities inflicted upon her.

Encounter with Mara:

As Lyle neared his 37th birthday, he met another visitor. A young human girl named Mara was playing in the forest while Lyle was experimenting with his witch bolt spell. The ensuing lightning and sparks caught the attention of the girl, whom introduced herself to Lyle.

Thinking Mara was a halfling like Bree (seeing as the two looked much the same), Lyle befriended the girl and entertained her with his magic. Happy to have met a new friend, Lyle kept up his work, only ever stopping if Mara visited.


While Mara’s parents were not pleased with her visiting the odd halfling in the woods, they saw no reason to halt the friendship. That is, until they found out that Lyle had “used a halfling woman for devious magical rituals”. Fearing that Lyle was abusing Mara, the parents grounded their daughter and alerted the city. Already displeased with the presence of the (now notoriously deviant) wizard, the city set out to capture Lyle, and jail him for his cruelty against women and children.

During his trials, not once did Lyle see his father, who was perceived to be avoiding the trouble and bad publicity. Lyle of course blamed himself for the crimes he had not committed, and refused to give out his family name in an attempt to protect his father. Incapable of standing up for himself, and with noone to take his side of the argument, Lyle was jailed and sold to the gladitorial arena.

The Fire Worms

During his time in the arena, Lyle met the rest of the Fire Worms. Not particularly pleased with the rather tough crowd, Lyle decided to do what he did best. Shut up, and do what you’re told. This lead to some succes, as Lyle proved averagely reliable at knocking his enemies out, making them easy targets for the more competent warriors.

While starting out as a slave, Lyle kept out of the battles fought between the rest of his teammates, particularly the fued that eventually resulted in the death of Glorin.

Some time after, Lyle’s particular choice of teammates proved resourceful, and the Fire Worms advanced beyond slave status, receiving more room and better conditions. Here, Lyle began heavily experimenting, which was ill received with particularly Mig’thal .

The team managed to acquire large amounts of fame, yet this was accelerated with magnitudes the day Gareth killed the owner of the arena, and started the apocalypse (citation needed)


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