The Lands of Erathil

Rise to fame

Bonus points for killing!

More days bring more blood and gore in the arena and after having proven themselves in the previous matches, it was time for a little four-on-four match. However because of the overwhelming dominance shown by The Fire Worms it would have to be changed at bit.

The Dominating Dragonborn, The Half-orc/Half-monster and The pyromaniac teletubby was thrown inside the ring along with the newest ‘addition’ to the team: Lyle.

The opponent of todays match would be the barbarian orcs of Orcistan, whom was sold to the arena owner for three camels and the remains of Gralaug. It is never good news to be thrown in the arena with the newcomer, however this awesome halfling would prove to be invaluable as he puts enemies to sleep and freezes them (which does not synergize so well with a dragonborn and a pyromaniac). The Fire Worms would once again stand victorious as the crowd cheers them on!

The less dominating half of the glorious and omnipotent Fire Worms would not fair as well. They had been thrown against unknown combatants whilst the Fire Worms had been fighting. Arguably they won, but it came at the price of anybody useful; Gork and Taurg. Remaining was Only Crit, No Hit Flarn and The Punching Bag, who was severely damaged (yet not enough that they could be considered killable with a breath weapon should somebody ‘accidentally’ sneeze the wrong way).

The Fire Worms was allowed half a day of rest before another arena fight. Only Crit, No Hit Flarn and The Punching Bag was too wounded, so only the elite three (2+½+½ = 3) would enter the arena. This time the armory of weapons was almost non-existant and the arena was dark. Not a peep was heard from the crowd, but this soon changed when the Fire Worms started their usual chant “The Worm is on Fire!” along with a bit of pyrotechnics. In the light of the fire a big snake-thingy was seen. And not long after is was being roasted while Gareth tried to carry it ontop of the trident he used to impale. Once again not a single Fire Worm would fall…

Throughout the next couple of days the Fire Worms was allowed access to the training area where they could practice their stupid things. Amongst these was: Dick-drawing, self immolation, dummy tacking, dwarf head bashing, sun tanning, and (of course) using teammates as jumping platforms.

After almost killing themselves and each other during training the Fire Worms was ready for their next big fight, which would be: “The All Out, Capture The Flag, Slaugtherena!” three teams of different racial types and the Fire Worms was released into the arena with only two sentences: “It is a good idea to capture the flag” and “there are bonus points for killing”. The gates open and the Fire Worms, alongside an ogre, charges into the vast hordes of orcs, hobgoblins, and humans in an attempt to capture the flag!

Gareth quickly acquires the flag and starts using it to stab random non friendly beings in his vicinity (remember: bonus points for killing!). This was without doubt on the most bloody stands seen so far in the arena and just when it looks grim already, The Dwarven Punching Bag decides to betray his beaters and masters and attack them. However this is quickly averted with a well timed swing from Mig-Thal, which lands the dwarven head in the crowd (and would later be considered the first recorded homerun).

This last and close encounter brought the awesomesauce Fire Worms together and they would reign supreme in the capture the flag contest.

GM only:
Day 3
Lyle was introduced to the party.
Gareth Redscale, La’lhar, Mig-Thal, and Lyle fought against a group of 4 vicious orcs. After a good fight they prevailed.

The other 4 cell mates fought as well against Gralaug and new additions to his team. They bested them, however, at the cost of Taurg and Gork.
Gralaug was also victorious, but the fight was cut short after the displays of both teams had pleased the crowd.

Killed a giant constrictor snake
Day 4
Day 5
Day 6
Alex made a small summoning circle to the heavens.
Day 7
The players fought against 3 other groups to capture a flag in the arena.
They defeated a group of goblins and hobgoblins, a group of humans, and a group of half-elves and half-orcs.



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