The Lands of Erathil


Experience earned: 1000

GM only:
Gareth Redscale, Mig-Thal og La’lhar travels towards the orc camp.

The are meet by a patrol of 4 orcs. They kill them.

Gareth starts hearing the whispers of Felgrim as he prays to him.

They travel towards Illguard after defeating the orcs.

Day passed.
The arrive at Illguard.

Gareth explains the fate of the northern town, Belgrast.

Gareth informs Silena Illwater about the orc threat.

Extreme weather appears bringing snow. The weather is caused by the lack of nature bound personification.

Firenna and Gareth spends the night together.
Day passed.

La’lhar tries to melt the snow surrounding the snow around the inn.

Tarkin is released from the from the basement by Gareth.

Felgrim and Tarkin discusses religion.

Gareth creates snowshoes for La’lhar, Mig-Thal and himself.

Gareth went to talk to the magistrate, and got little to no help from talking to Silena Illwater.

Mig-Thal went to the library and found a book regarding their current situation. This was mostly due to his luck. The book in question is Myths and Prophecies.

La’lhar went to the old wizard college. Here he met the wizard, Hilfdan. He discovered that his spells could be fueled by La’lhar.
La’lhar was given a scroll of fly and invited back the next day.



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