The Lands of Erathil

Meeting of the Court

Are you my mommy?

After another glorious victory with no survivors the Awesome-sauce known as the Fire Worms would return to their cells. Finally recognized for the following they had accumulated, their cell was upgraded to a small suite, although it was not the standard and quality they deserved (mainly because of a new member dragging down the overall rating of the team).

The Fire Worms now have separate rooms and even a common area for eating, shitting and being hustled in games by Mig-Thal. However some people enjoyed the freedom of privacy more than others.

Lyle used his alone time in his room to draw weird magic circles on the floor (having no access to painting materials, he made use of a small conjured flame instead). Lyle’s first summoning attempt inside the house resulted in a Lantern Archon (or for those noobs who do not have knowledge religion: A glowy-floaty-ball-of-hurty-stuff).

Lyle managed to exceed the limit of stupid summoning before the party noticed and intervened. This included an anvil and a little steel man with a steel bar (and a failed attempt at summoning fire). Lyle was given an ultimatum by Mig-Thal: “Either you explain what you are doing or I’m going to take away your toys”, to which Lyle tried to explain and ended up having his toys taken anyway (because he did such a terrible job explaining).

While Lyle used most of his time on summoning (or trying to ‘sneak’ summon while he promised not to do it anymore) the other gladiators were busy using the time to train and watch over Lyle. Mommy Mig-Thal would take on most the baby-stting during the day and keep Lyle distracted to prevent future summoning penis circles. Other than baby-sitting Mig-Thal would use the training time for its purpose; training. Daddy Gareth would then keep an eye on Lyle during the night, preventing him from further experimenting. (It should be noted that while Mig-Thal and Gareth does have the respective titles “Mommy” and “Daddy”, they are in no way romantically involved… yet…)

Gareth was the father of the session and simply stopped the fight when it had been going on for long and would throw the kids in their rooms. However Gareth did have a secret rendezvous with a mysterious person after the first training day (after which he single-handedly brought the heavy anvil which Lyle had summoned in the arena, back to the room). Otherwise Gareth spent the training time on training and his free time trying to keep out of the annoying discussion between his metaphorical wife and the half-dwarf-sized kid.

La’lhar kept mostly in the distance, apart from picking a fight with the floaty-glowy-orb-of-hurty-stuff and he turned into a vegetable after trying to see how Lyle’s magic circle works.

GM only:
The players were moved to better quarters

Gareth Redscale met with Silena Illwater

Lyle summond anvil, metal man, lantern archon

La’lhar acheived a hallucination through lyle’s circle and his own blood

Mig-thal made lyle fight with sword.

Mig-thal experienced super luck.

Days passed:



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