The Lands of Erathil

Birth of the Worms on Fire

Unity through blood

Fresh meat arrives at the red team of the arena, beaten and in chains the three new additions to the underdogs team rises. The red team have had a few victories, but at a great cost. The new meat shield of the red team consist of a dragonborn, a half-orc and a half-elf. Although they seem to be added more because of their exotic heritage than their fighting abilities.

The orc Flarn, tries to help the newbies achieve a fair chance in the arena with some advice, which is quickly discarded. The newbies are tested in a trial arena to see if they have any fighting value.

The fighting arena pairs them into three teams: “One-and-a-Half Orc” which consist of the half-orc and the whole orc, “Dragon-bug” which consist of the dragonborn and the bugbear, and finally the lovingly dubbed team “Dead”, which consist of the dwarf, the half-elf and the hobgoblin.

The first thing to happen after the whip is used to sound for combat is that the dwarf get smashed by both “One-and-a-Half Orc” and “Dragon-bug” and sent flying into the wall. The half-elf looks at the dwarf and tries to torch him, after which the guards fill him up with crossbow bolts and he collapses. A dangerous fight between “One-and-a-Half Orc” and “Dragon-bug” erupts with pyrotechnics and blood. In the end “Dragon-bug” wins and smashes the last member of team “Dead”.

The fighters had now proven themselves to be the perfect people to be slaughtered by ‘Gralaugs Minions’. Not long after licking their wounds from the training match, the disappointing team red is brought into the arena for their funeral. As the red team enters the rain the dragonborn yells out: “The worm is on fire!” and the red team starts chanting it lead by the half-orc. The massacre begins and the red underdog team with its new addition massacres the favorites of ‘Gralaugs Minions’ with not a single person dying. The red team starts chanting “The worm is on fire” and the crowd goes wild. Henceforth, the red team would be known as The Fire Worms.

Because of their increase in popularity after defeating ‘Gralaugs Minions’, the Fire Worms was included in a special slaughter event. The event called “Feeding the Ankhegs” was the second (and most likely last) time the Fire Worms would feature.

The gates open and both the Fire Worms and the other group start rushing to a tower in the center of the arena. The Ankhegs tries to quickly capture a person from the feeding group, however a javelin thrown from 90 feet by Gareth allows the human to break free and continue running. Collectively the Fire Worms and the other group arrives at the tower and start climbing it, with the Fire Worms doing everything in their power to allow “the food” and the dwarf to stay on the ground. Almost everybody reaches the top and the crowd starts booing and looking bored.

This is where a normal gladiator would accept the crowds disappointment. However, Gareth is no normal gladiator. Gareth jumps off the tower in full rage with his battleaxe and lands on the Ankheg – axe first – piercing it skull, leaving it lifeless. This is later known as: Gareth’s Mighty Leap. The crowd goes wild and cheers for the Fire Worms, whereafter another Ankheg attacks Gareth leaving him unconscious. The rest of the Fire Worms rushes in (and some even mimic The Mighty Leap to some degree) and saves him from dying.

After the last Ankheg is dead the crowd goes wild for the Fire Worms and (most importantly) Gareth’s Mighty Leap. While Gareth is asked for his favorite meal as a reward, the half-elf is seen eating a charred eye dipped in Ankheg blood, after which he start puking and collapses into his own pool of vomit.

The gladiators are returned to their cell where the receive meal and everybody receives a little piece of Gareth Redscale’s meat (except the dwarf and the unconscious half-elf).

GM only:
Day one:
The arrival of the players, La’lhar, Gareth Redscale and Miktal.
The first training match between the combatants of red team.
The first battle between the Fire Worms and Gralaugs Minions".

Day two
The battle against the Ankhegs.



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