City Overview
Illguard is a great harbor city known for its trade and for its great gladiator arena. The City is split by a great river with is mound ending in the ocean. This position have made the city into a key trading post as it affords several trading ships at once.

The city is ruled by the noble Flint Redhold, which is known for his great fondness of the gladitorial fights in the arena, and he is often seen on the great tribune overseeing the fights.

After the Cataclysm
The city was struck hard by a rain of fire and much death has spread throughout the city.
Much of the city structures were left devasted in the wake of the destruction, and the order of the city is now in the hands of a new force which have arisen. They call themselves SIsters of Shadow and they have managed to bring order in the ruined city.

No trade has been reinstated after the cataclysm which is draining on the city’s few remaining resources.

There is rumors of a hidden organization under Flint Redhold which are against the new rule, but as of yet they are nowhere to be found.


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