Tag: deceased


  • Flarn

    Flarn appears to be a seasoned Gladiator, offering small tokens of helpfulness to the aspiring Worms on Fire.

  • Glorin

    Glorin was a Dwarf cast into the harshness of Gladitorial combat. He was much hated by [[:gareth-redscale | Gareth Redscale]] and [[:mig-thal | Mig-Thal]], although he was unaware of the reasons for any such loathing. He met his end at The Fight for …

  • Alexis

    She followed [[:la-lhar | La'lhar]] around, but met her unfortunate end when he destroyed a temple of [[:taruzim | Taruzim]]. bq). Well, I guess she wasn't immune to fire or death. - La'lhar