The Lands of Erathil

New beginning

GM only:
Alex viser Raislun det symbol som han tegner.
Raislun siger det er et gammelt, henviser til en bog om ritualer som det er i.

Folk som har pillaged bliver gennet mod arenaen og puttet i makeshift fængsler.

Gareth opsøger sisters of shadow. Får en aftale af Silena Illwater.

Firenna overnatter stående i Gareths værelse

Dag gået

Lyle har solgt 4 vildt nice tæpper og 3 kåber for 50gp.

De dræber en Cultist fra dem med de blå kåber med sølvkant
Fundet et symbol til den demon/devil de tilbeder, hånd indhyllet i flammer.
Deaths Children organisationen som tilbeder devil/demon.

World Ends

GM only:
Niklas absorberede 2 affinity aspeect shards

Pyrus døde, mistede ikke noget

Philip Døde, mistede madness

Har fundet En erinyes som følger ham

Alex har fundet en protectar

Noble goes down

GM only:
La’lhar was overcome with madness.

Mig-Thal destroyed a table
Day passed

La’lhar got imbued with chaos.
Made his food come alive
Made a “table” with non-ecludian geometry

They fought in the arena and killed 2 giant scorpions and 2 displacerbeast

Last battle

GM only:
Gralaug fought against some humans in the arena and won.

Day has passed.
Nothing happens next day as the guards does not want to interact with the players
Day has passed
Flarn is killed by an ogre in the areana.
Day has passed
Garath fought against a mintaur and it let him won.
Lyle fought a half ogre and won
Mig-thal fought a Thri-keen and won.

Mig-thal collapsed during a fight with ogres..
Day has passed
Lyle laver et banner med affinity.
Day has passed
Lyle disingrates 5 targets.
Mig-thal is able to manifest spells after a successful arcane roll
Day has passed
The players practice
Mig-thal wins in dice
Day has passed

When Lyle gives you lemons
you force Lyle to stop summoning lemons

One last training day remained before the Fire Worms had to once again amaze the audience within the arena. For once a training session progressed without anyone needing babysitting or loosing their motoric abilities.

After a rough night of sleep the Fire Worms led by Gareth Redscale enters the arena to see two big towers with a cliff between them. On the other side of the field a group of small goblins enters the arena. However that is not everything, within the pit between the towers their still remain two dozen slaves armed to the teeth with shovels and pickaxes (they where probably placed as a third party whom would seem of no interest but then reveal to be powerful gladiators and just kill everyone). However the Fire Worms took no chances and divided into two teams. “The awesome team” (which consisted of Mig-Thal & Gareth) would attempt to siege the secondary tower crawling with goblins, while “the almost-as-awesome team” (which consisted of the remains) would finish off the potential dangerous slaves while they were still within the pit.

The Fire Worms once again seemed unbeatable and finished of every single living being in the arena within minutes. They where once again escorted back to their cell as the prime time entertainment of the night.

The following days the fire wormed relaxed a bit without anyone drawing or touching the magic circle thingies. After which another challenge presented itself in the arena.

Two ogres and two orcs would be today’s sacrificial entertainment. The match starts early with a souvenir for the fans, Gareth trip when he throw his first javelin of the match and it flies into the grandstand skewering a potential fan. The fight is easily won and the Fire Worms still had plenty of energy to spare.


GM only:
La’lhar Died. Lost one of his affinities. He assisted being chained after the incident where Mig-Thal punched him into the air.

Gareth Redscale Killed a minor noble as per orders from Silena Illwater

Meeting of the Court
Are you my mommy?

After another glorious victory with no survivors the Awesome-sauce known as the Fire Worms would return to their cells. Finally recognized for the following they had accumulated, their cell was upgraded to a small suite, although it was not the standard and quality they deserved (mainly because of a new member dragging down the overall rating of the team).

The Fire Worms now have separate rooms and even a common area for eating, shitting and being hustled in games by Mig-Thal. However some people enjoyed the freedom of privacy more than others.

Lyle used his alone time in his room to draw weird magic circles on the floor (having no access to painting materials, he made use of a small conjured flame instead). Lyle’s first summoning attempt inside the house resulted in a Lantern Archon (or for those noobs who do not have knowledge religion: A glowy-floaty-ball-of-hurty-stuff).

Lyle managed to exceed the limit of stupid summoning before the party noticed and intervened. This included an anvil and a little steel man with a steel bar (and a failed attempt at summoning fire). Lyle was given an ultimatum by Mig-Thal: “Either you explain what you are doing or I’m going to take away your toys”, to which Lyle tried to explain and ended up having his toys taken anyway (because he did such a terrible job explaining).

While Lyle used most of his time on summoning (or trying to ‘sneak’ summon while he promised not to do it anymore) the other gladiators were busy using the time to train and watch over Lyle. Mommy Mig-Thal would take on most the baby-stting during the day and keep Lyle distracted to prevent future summoning penis circles. Other than baby-sitting Mig-Thal would use the training time for its purpose; training. Daddy Gareth would then keep an eye on Lyle during the night, preventing him from further experimenting. (It should be noted that while Mig-Thal and Gareth does have the respective titles “Mommy” and “Daddy”, they are in no way romantically involved… yet…)

Gareth was the father of the session and simply stopped the fight when it had been going on for long and would throw the kids in their rooms. However Gareth did have a secret rendezvous with a mysterious person after the first training day (after which he single-handedly brought the heavy anvil which Lyle had summoned in the arena, back to the room). Otherwise Gareth spent the training time on training and his free time trying to keep out of the annoying discussion between his metaphorical wife and the half-dwarf-sized kid.

La’lhar kept mostly in the distance, apart from picking a fight with the floaty-glowy-orb-of-hurty-stuff and he turned into a vegetable after trying to see how Lyle’s magic circle works.

GM only:
The players were moved to better quarters

Gareth Redscale met with Silena Illwater

Lyle summond anvil, metal man, lantern archon

La’lhar acheived a hallucination through lyle’s circle and his own blood

Mig-thal made lyle fight with sword.

Mig-thal experienced super luck.

Days passed:

Rise to fame
Bonus points for killing!

More days bring more blood and gore in the arena and after having proven themselves in the previous matches, it was time for a little four-on-four match. However because of the overwhelming dominance shown by The Fire Worms it would have to be changed at bit.

The Dominating Dragonborn, The Half-orc/Half-monster and The pyromaniac teletubby was thrown inside the ring along with the newest ‘addition’ to the team: Lyle.

The opponent of todays match would be the barbarian orcs of Orcistan, whom was sold to the arena owner for three camels and the remains of Gralaug. It is never good news to be thrown in the arena with the newcomer, however this awesome halfling would prove to be invaluable as he puts enemies to sleep and freezes them (which does not synergize so well with a dragonborn and a pyromaniac). The Fire Worms would once again stand victorious as the crowd cheers them on!

The less dominating half of the glorious and omnipotent Fire Worms would not fair as well. They had been thrown against unknown combatants whilst the Fire Worms had been fighting. Arguably they won, but it came at the price of anybody useful; Gork and Taurg. Remaining was Only Crit, No Hit Flarn and The Punching Bag, who was severely damaged (yet not enough that they could be considered killable with a breath weapon should somebody ‘accidentally’ sneeze the wrong way).

The Fire Worms was allowed half a day of rest before another arena fight. Only Crit, No Hit Flarn and The Punching Bag was too wounded, so only the elite three (2+½+½ = 3) would enter the arena. This time the armory of weapons was almost non-existant and the arena was dark. Not a peep was heard from the crowd, but this soon changed when the Fire Worms started their usual chant “The Worm is on Fire!” along with a bit of pyrotechnics. In the light of the fire a big snake-thingy was seen. And not long after is was being roasted while Gareth tried to carry it ontop of the trident he used to impale. Once again not a single Fire Worm would fall…

Throughout the next couple of days the Fire Worms was allowed access to the training area where they could practice their stupid things. Amongst these was: Dick-drawing, self immolation, dummy tacking, dwarf head bashing, sun tanning, and (of course) using teammates as jumping platforms.

After almost killing themselves and each other during training the Fire Worms was ready for their next big fight, which would be: “The All Out, Capture The Flag, Slaugtherena!” three teams of different racial types and the Fire Worms was released into the arena with only two sentences: “It is a good idea to capture the flag” and “there are bonus points for killing”. The gates open and the Fire Worms, alongside an ogre, charges into the vast hordes of orcs, hobgoblins, and humans in an attempt to capture the flag!

Gareth quickly acquires the flag and starts using it to stab random non friendly beings in his vicinity (remember: bonus points for killing!). This was without doubt on the most bloody stands seen so far in the arena and just when it looks grim already, The Dwarven Punching Bag decides to betray his beaters and masters and attack them. However this is quickly averted with a well timed swing from Mig-Thal, which lands the dwarven head in the crowd (and would later be considered the first recorded homerun).

This last and close encounter brought the awesomesauce Fire Worms together and they would reign supreme in the capture the flag contest.

GM only:
Day 3
Lyle was introduced to the party.
Gareth Redscale, La’lhar, Mig-Thal, and Lyle fought against a group of 4 vicious orcs. After a good fight they prevailed.

The other 4 cell mates fought as well against Gralaug and new additions to his team. They bested them, however, at the cost of Taurg and Gork.
Gralaug was also victorious, but the fight was cut short after the displays of both teams had pleased the crowd.

Killed a giant constrictor snake
Day 4
Day 5
Day 6
Alex made a small summoning circle to the heavens.
Day 7
The players fought against 3 other groups to capture a flag in the arena.
They defeated a group of goblins and hobgoblins, a group of humans, and a group of half-elves and half-orcs.

Birth of the Worms on Fire
Unity through blood

Fresh meat arrives at the red team of the arena, beaten and in chains the three new additions to the underdogs team rises. The red team have had a few victories, but at a great cost. The new meat shield of the red team consist of a dragonborn, a half-orc and a half-elf. Although they seem to be added more because of their exotic heritage than their fighting abilities.

The orc Flarn, tries to help the newbies achieve a fair chance in the arena with some advice, which is quickly discarded. The newbies are tested in a trial arena to see if they have any fighting value.

The fighting arena pairs them into three teams: “One-and-a-Half Orc” which consist of the half-orc and the whole orc, “Dragon-bug” which consist of the dragonborn and the bugbear, and finally the lovingly dubbed team “Dead”, which consist of the dwarf, the half-elf and the hobgoblin.

The first thing to happen after the whip is used to sound for combat is that the dwarf get smashed by both “One-and-a-Half Orc” and “Dragon-bug” and sent flying into the wall. The half-elf looks at the dwarf and tries to torch him, after which the guards fill him up with crossbow bolts and he collapses. A dangerous fight between “One-and-a-Half Orc” and “Dragon-bug” erupts with pyrotechnics and blood. In the end “Dragon-bug” wins and smashes the last member of team “Dead”.

The fighters had now proven themselves to be the perfect people to be slaughtered by ‘Gralaugs Minions’. Not long after licking their wounds from the training match, the disappointing team red is brought into the arena for their funeral. As the red team enters the rain the dragonborn yells out: “The worm is on fire!” and the red team starts chanting it lead by the half-orc. The massacre begins and the red underdog team with its new addition massacres the favorites of ‘Gralaugs Minions’ with not a single person dying. The red team starts chanting “The worm is on fire” and the crowd goes wild. Henceforth, the red team would be known as The Fire Worms.

Because of their increase in popularity after defeating ‘Gralaugs Minions’, the Fire Worms was included in a special slaughter event. The event called “Feeding the Ankhegs” was the second (and most likely last) time the Fire Worms would feature.

The gates open and both the Fire Worms and the other group start rushing to a tower in the center of the arena. The Ankhegs tries to quickly capture a person from the feeding group, however a javelin thrown from 90 feet by Gareth allows the human to break free and continue running. Collectively the Fire Worms and the other group arrives at the tower and start climbing it, with the Fire Worms doing everything in their power to allow “the food” and the dwarf to stay on the ground. Almost everybody reaches the top and the crowd starts booing and looking bored.

This is where a normal gladiator would accept the crowds disappointment. However, Gareth is no normal gladiator. Gareth jumps off the tower in full rage with his battleaxe and lands on the Ankheg – axe first – piercing it skull, leaving it lifeless. This is later known as: Gareth’s Mighty Leap. The crowd goes wild and cheers for the Fire Worms, whereafter another Ankheg attacks Gareth leaving him unconscious. The rest of the Fire Worms rushes in (and some even mimic The Mighty Leap to some degree) and saves him from dying.

After the last Ankheg is dead the crowd goes wild for the Fire Worms and (most importantly) Gareth’s Mighty Leap. While Gareth is asked for his favorite meal as a reward, the half-elf is seen eating a charred eye dipped in Ankheg blood, after which he start puking and collapses into his own pool of vomit.

The gladiators are returned to their cell where the receive meal and everybody receives a little piece of Gareth Redscale’s meat (except the dwarf and the unconscious half-elf).

GM only:
Day one:
The arrival of the players, La’lhar, Gareth Redscale and Miktal.
The first training match between the combatants of red team.
The first battle between the Fire Worms and Gralaugs Minions".

Day two
The battle against the Ankhegs.


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