The Lands of Erathil

When Lyle gives you lemons

you force Lyle to stop summoning lemons

One last training day remained before the Fire Worms had to once again amaze the audience within the arena. For once a training session progressed without anyone needing babysitting or loosing their motoric abilities.

After a rough night of sleep the Fire Worms led by Gareth Redscale enters the arena to see two big towers with a cliff between them. On the other side of the field a group of small goblins enters the arena. However that is not everything, within the pit between the towers their still remain two dozen slaves armed to the teeth with shovels and pickaxes (they where probably placed as a third party whom would seem of no interest but then reveal to be powerful gladiators and just kill everyone). However the Fire Worms took no chances and divided into two teams. “The awesome team” (which consisted of Mig-Thal & Gareth) would attempt to siege the secondary tower crawling with goblins, while “the almost-as-awesome team” (which consisted of the remains) would finish off the potential dangerous slaves while they were still within the pit.

The Fire Worms once again seemed unbeatable and finished of every single living being in the arena within minutes. They where once again escorted back to their cell as the prime time entertainment of the night.

The following days the fire wormed relaxed a bit without anyone drawing or touching the magic circle thingies. After which another challenge presented itself in the arena.

Two ogres and two orcs would be today’s sacrificial entertainment. The match starts early with a souvenir for the fans, Gareth trip when he throw his first javelin of the match and it flies into the grandstand skewering a potential fan. The fight is easily won and the Fire Worms still had plenty of energy to spare.


GM only:
La’lhar Died. Lost one of his affinities. He assisted being chained after the incident where Mig-Thal punched him into the air.

Gareth Redscale Killed a minor noble as per orders from Silena Illwater



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