The Lands of Erathil

Last battle

GM only:
Gralaug fought against some humans in the arena and won.

Day has passed.
Nothing happens next day as the guards does not want to interact with the players
Day has passed
Flarn is killed by an ogre in the areana.
Day has passed
Garath fought against a mintaur and it let him won.
Lyle fought a half ogre and won
Mig-thal fought a Thri-keen and won.

Mig-thal collapsed during a fight with ogres..
Day has passed
Lyle laver et banner med affinity.
Day has passed
Lyle disingrates 5 targets.
Mig-thal is able to manifest spells after a successful arcane roll
Day has passed
The players practice
Mig-thal wins in dice
Day has passed



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